User Interface

User Interface

Documentation on Smode's User Interface

Overall view of the user interface

Since Smode 9.3 What's new in 9.3 ? (09/08/2022) Read More the interface can be highly customized to fit your workflow. The default workspace is as follows:

  1. Media Directories Where you can find all your content media Read More , Devices Panel Visualize and manage audio/video inputs/outputs, clocks, and controllers connected to Smode Read More and Documentation Panel Embedded Smode Documentation Read More
  2. Viewport Preview and edit your content Read More
  3. Element Tree The hierarchical structure of Smode elements Read More
  4. Parameters Editor Edit the parameters of the selected Element Read More
  5. Timeline Editor Timeline animation editor Read More
  6. Tasks Panel Shows the rendering and transcoding tasks currently running in Smode Read More

Here's a quick overview of Smode user interface in video:


How To use the interface:

Discover the interface - Overview of the interface

Create your own Workspace - Customize the interface

Search and filter files and layers - Customize the interface

Application Menus:

NETWORK - Menu related to Smode Net Remote control a server, Make multiple servers render together, Work with multiple people on the same project Read More

Application Toolbars:

Unit Selector - 2D unit (%/px) global selector

User Interface Lock - Lock all edition capabilities of the user interface

Power Save Mode - Enable/Disable energy eco mode

Profile - Enable/Disable performance profiling

ON-AIR - Enable/Disable ON-AIR mode

Enable Output - Enable/Disable Video Outputs

Freeze Output - Freeze the video outputs of Smode

FPS Meter - Frame per second Meter

Filter session - A search bar for Element tree and file panel


Workspace Selector - A button to select a Workspace

Workspaces - A tailored configuration of the interface

Workspace components - All UI components

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