Medias directories

Medias directories

Manage media directories

A media directory is a shortcut to a local hard-drive location. Smode can only access the files contained in the media directories you have added.
If you want to import any media into Smode, such as images, videos, audios, 3D objects, other Smode Compo Composite 2D Layer, Shape layer and 3D Layer together. [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] to create a new composition after opening Smode Read More , etc., make sure that these files are located in one of the media directories that you have added or add a new media directory.
The Media directories are displayed in the Media Directories Where you can find all your content media Read More workspace.
Each media directory is made of:
  1. Logical Name : The name of the media directory inside Smode
  2. Physical Path : The corresponding folder in the operating system
  3. Read Only attribute : Whether or not media directory editing is locked inside Smode
Add a new Media Directory by clicking the Add button, choose the folder you want to add and give it a name in Smode.
Don't forget to click Apply changes .

Auto Save

The Auto Save section enables you to activate the auto save feature and configure its frequency, as well as set the maximum number of versions:
By default, each unsaved document with pending modifications is auto-saved within a 5 minute period when Smode is not On Air and only the 10 previous versions of the document are kept. These values can be changed in this panel.
If you encounter a hardware malfunction or accidentally delete or corrupt a Smode project .content file, Smode will display the error message "Unrecognized document format":
If you need to recover a project or a Compo, you can follow this guide: Get back an auto-save How to use the auto-save files to recover Project and Composition Read More
This should save the day.
if you want to force an Auto-Save, you can use the shortcut "CTRL+Alt+S", even when On-Air

Find Smode's internal configuration files

By default, all configuration files computed by Smode are created in the folder called "C:\Users\%yourusername%\AppData\Roaming\Smode %edition%\cache".
To access these files, click the 'Go to Configuration Folder on the Preferences Smode Preferences panel Read More panel [F11]:

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