Smode Documentation

Smode Documentation

Smode 9.4 is out!

Colored grid in test pattern

Test Pattern Generate a Test Pattern Read More now has a color grid option.

New Color selector

Discover the HSV Color Selector HSV color widget Read More for better color management.

Power Save Mode

Use the Power Save Mode Enable/Disable energy eco mode Read More to enable an Eco mode.
Many other changes and improvement are waiting for you.
Read the full changelog of Smode 9.4 What's new in 9.4 ? (20/07/2023) Read More


User Interface - Documentation on Smode's User Interface

Compo - Content Creation and Compositing in Smode

Project - Define a full project with content, 3D stage and video mapping pipeline

Animation - Linear and non-linear animation

Other topics - Other topics: quick start, change log, licensing, launcher, ...

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