Smode Documentation

Smode Documentation

Smode 9.3 is out!

Introduce: Workspaces

Create your own Workspace Customize the interface Read More and interface thanks the new UI engine!

New: TextLayer

Discover the Text layer Advanced text tool Read More . A powerful layer for content designers such as video encoders.

New: Smode-Net v2

The Smode Net Remote control a server, Make multiple servers render together, Work with multiple people on the same project Read More is now improved and the topology replace the old session

Create your own presets!

Save Presets How to save your own preset Read More and win precious times.

Enhanced video edition

How to edit video Tips for video editing Read More faster ?

See all problems

Use the Issues Panel Summary the differents problems and issues encounter during your works Read More to debug your document.

DDS Transcode

Powerful transcode method for images. Start now and Transcode image in DDS Convert a list of Image in DDS images for faster loading times Read More
Many other changes and improvement are waiting for you.
Read the full changelog of Smode 9.3 What's new in 9.3 ? (09/08/2022) Read More


User Interface - Documentation on Smode's User Interface

Compo - Content Creation and Compositing in Smode

Project - Define a full project with content, 3D stage and video mapping pipeline

Animation - Linear and non-linear animation

Other topics - Other topics: quick start, change log, licensing, launcher, ...

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