Real-time visual creativity

Live compositing and media server platform

If you are a content creator, artistic director, video operator, audio/video integrator, event organizer, rental company, scenographer, TV production company, cultural institution, or technical director, SMODE is made for you.

So much more than an integrated graphical compositing platform and a media server, SMODE redefines creativity in visual events.

SMODE can be used to handle visuals in every kind of show or installation, no matter the size or complexity.


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Hugo Ortiz
Innovation Officer at RTBF (Belgium TV)

"We were looking for a real-time graphics solution that would unify several needs and innovate in media production for the RTBF universal control room. From set dressing with multiple video screens, LED arrays, augmented reality and virtual studios, SMODE allows us to have a new creative, efficient and immediate approach."

Matt Osborne
Creative Director

"SMODE runs in a layer-based workflow very similar to after effects, so has a familiar feel and was very quick to adapt to. Because everything can be changed and manipulated in real-time, it allowed for a lot of creative control and experimentation, tweaks could be made live on-screen in a run."

Yoshiyuki Shibata
Producer / Director (Dream-Lab)

"SMODE has been introduced for TV programme recordings and large-scale live-streaming events. It is now possible to realise live video productions that previously had to rely on post-production. I feel that the effects that SMODE can bring are limitless, depending on the ideas of those who use it. We look forward to the future of SMODE, which is constantly evolving."

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With SMODE, whether you're shaping ideas in the studio or bringing them to life on the stage, we have the right tools for you.

Your Real-Time Creative Powerhouse!

Create. Generate. Composite.

Simulate. Animate. Render.

Smode Compose is designed for content creators and video operators who thrive in an offline environment, providing a comprehensive platform for the creation, simulation and export of your projects or videos.

Redefining Real-Time Compositing and Media Serving.

Perform. Integrate. Broadcast.

Manipulate. Innovate. Engage.

Smode Live caters to real-time, online operations as a fully-equipped media server. It provides advanced video playback capabilities along with live editing features as a all-in-one package, ensuring that your creativity never misses a beat.

Smode Community
Your creative sandbox for real-time visual exploration.

Smode Community is a free version of SMODE with no ads, no user data tracking, and no obligations of any kind, which is fully usable without watermarks up to the Full HD resolution (1920x1080). Although this is a non-commercial software license, it's designed to give everyone access to our state-of-the-art tools, allowing you to explore and create without limitations.