N-Points Gradient

N-Points Gradient

2D Generator - Create gradient from multiple points

This generator creates a 2 point Linear Gradient This generator creates a linear gradient (by default from black to white), from top to bottom Read More (from black to white by default), from left to right. This gradient is defined by a multitude of points that can be placed arbitrarily in 2D on the layer. This makes this type of gradient a great solution to create smooth color maps quickly.
You can change the number of points and their colors, and move these points in the visualizer by activating the "edition mode". A new point can be created inside the Viewport Preview and edit your content Read More using CTRL+click in "edition mode"


  • Sharpness (Positive floating point number) : Increase or decrease the sharpness of the gradient
  • Interpolator (Multi Point Gradient Interpolator) : Blend or discriminate the gradient points
  • Points (List of Gradient Points) : Add or substract points to the multi-point gradient
  • Border (Multi Point Gradient Border (Optional)) : Control the blending color and size of the outer edges of the gradient


Standard Presets: 3 Points Gradient, 4 Points Gradient and 5 Points Gradient

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