2D Modifier - Quick-to-create multi purpose blur

This blur allows you to, of course, blur your image but thanks to advanced parameters, you'll be able to create several effects with it, such as bloom effect.


Here is a little preview of various shapes available inside this Blur:

Note that you can then create advanced custom shapes to create complex blurs. To access that feature and create new custom blurs, here is the procedure:

You can then switch between the different algorithms used to combine Blurs:
- Multi-pass : Calculate one blur after the other as a chain of effects
- Combine : Calculate all blurs in the same time, combining shapes
- Fast Combine : Does the same thing that "Combine" but...faster. Only issue is that it cannot use all the shapes.
Fast combine cannot use "sprite" and "multi-pass" as a shape for instance.

Budget and Quality

A little explanation about the Budget / Down sampling parameters:
The Budget is basically the quality of your Blur, the number of samples it will use. The "perfect budget" information to the right show you the number of samples required to have a perfect blur depending on the size of your blur.
As you see, if you change the size of the Blur, the perfect budget indication will change as well. And the wider your blur becomes the more it will be down-sampled. This means that the sample used will have a lower quality:

Of course this automatic down-sampling can be deactivated, allowing you to keep high-quality samples whatever the radius is:

We are in real-time though, be cautious with these parameters.

Mask Interpretation

This blur allows different kind of mask interpretation mode, the default mode is "Fade":
Fade Interpretation Mode : The feather of the mask will have an effect over the opacity of the blur
Radius Interpretation Mode : The feather of the mask will have an effect over the radius of the blur
Fade and Radius Interpretation Mode : The feather of the mask will have an effect over both the opacity and the radius of the blur
To change this option, go inside the advanced parameters as showed below:

Here is a Ring Blur with a "gamma" aggregator type over a simple line. This blur is masked with a simple placement mask and a feather:

Fade Mask Interpretation

Radius Mask Interpretation

Fade and Radius Mask Interpretation

Radius Mask Interpretation allows to do nice tilt-shift effect over a 2D Image:


  • Radius (Pixels) : Radius of the blur in pixel, this will affect the size of the blur
  • Shape (Blur Shape) : Shape of the blur. You have choice between all the classical radial / spin / directional etc. and here you can also change your shape to "Custom" to create your own custom blur.
  • Quality (Blur Quality Parameters) : Quality of the blur. This won't affect the size of the blur. To know which level of quality you need to have a perfect blur in function of its size, check the "Budget" Attribute
  • Style (Blur Style Parameters) : Configure here the blending modes and filters for your blur
    • Blending Mode With Input (Blending Mode) : How this blur style parameters gets blended


Standard Presets: Gaussian, Gaussian (fast), Box, Directional, Radial (zoom), Noisy, Bloom (small), Bloom (large), Glow (small), Glow (large), Lens blur (hexagonal bokeh), Lens blur (circular bokeh), Special - Starglow, Special - Super Starglow, Special - Glitch diffuse, Special - Glitch dark diffuse, Special - Dilate, Special - Erode, Radial (spin), Radial (Zoom), Denoise, Denoise - Hard Edges and Denoise - Star
Advanced Presets: Weeds, Dirty lens, Van Gogh, Smudge, Stained Glass, Smear (large), Psychedelics, Shivering, Noisy (animated), Glitch - Old VHS, Glitch - Shift colors, Glitch - Over saturate, RGB Separate blur and Color based directional blur

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