How to create your own .sbsar for Smode

How to create your own .sbsar for Smode

Create your own Sbsar for Smode thanks Substance Designer

On Substance Designer

Launch Substance Designer and go to FILE >"New Substance..."
Substance Designer work with a system based on inputs that you can link to one or multiple composant(s) of your material. Use generators and Nodes, link them to create a chain of rendering that you connect to the output of your choice.
Every Generators and Nodes have parameters that you can modify as you want. For this example, we simply create a color based thank the Nodes->Uniform color input.

Export your SBSAR

You may want to inlcude some parameters that compose your material into your sbsar in order to change it after. It can be done thanks the Exposed Parameters .
For each generators and nodes of your materials, you can right click on it and choose Expose Paramters...
Every parameters of the component will be listed in a new window. Select every parameters that you want to retrieve later using the checkbox. You also can rename this parameter with the Graph Input Identifier field.
Here is an example of an exposed parameters of uniform color node:
Once it's done, save your substance project and export your material as sbsar using this icon

Add a name to your sbsar and save it.

In Smode

You are now able to put your sbsar in your repository and use it in Smode.
Every exposed parameters you choose befor are also available in the Parameters panel.

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