Device Configuration

Device Configuration

Configure a device

The part of the device settings that are saved in Smode's configuration.
You can access them in the Preferences Smode Preferences panel Read More (F11) panel

Parameters to all Device Configurations

  • Name (Text) : The alias of the Device for Smode documents.
    This allows using different devices on different computers, and still have the elements of your composition linked to the devices. Only the Engine Preferences General preferences of SMODE's rendering engine. Add your Device here: MIDI controller, OSC, Video and Audio devices etc. Read More need to be set once and for all on each computer running Smode. This is particularly useful for preparing a project on a laptop using smaller hardware for simulation purposes
  • Device Identifier (Device Identifier) : Local unique identifier associated to a device
  • Device Pointer (Device Selector) : Point to the physical device if available
  • Device Variables (State) : Part of the device property saved in the Smode Application configuration

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