range through sentence or word

Modulate the intenisity of the modifier on which this mask is applied by parsing the content of the Text Generator A simple but very powerful text Read More or of the Group Text Generator group some texts Read More .
there is 4 ways to parse a text defined by the level parameter:
  • Per character
  • Per words
  • Per sentences
  • Per Lines
For each ways of parsing the text, the modifeir will be modulate though a function
Example: A red Color Modify the colors Read More on a range mask through a character selection with a Square function. The same modifier below but through a words selection
Note that you can create this mask by switching to edit mode, selecting some charaters in the viewport and rightclicking on it.


  • Blending Mode (Texture Mask Blending Mode) :
  • Opacity (Percentage) :
  • Inverse (On/off option) :
  • Level (Text Hierarchy Level) : Defines the selection on which the function will be applied
  • Type (Absolute Or Relative) : Switch the Relative or absolute to better select the characters
  • Absolute Range (Floating point number Interval) :
  • Relative Range (Unbounded Percentage Interval) : Begin, end and offset of the function
  • Clamp Before (On/off option) : if true, the characters before the beginning of the function keeps the min value
  • Clamp After (On/off option) : if true, the characters after the beginning of the function keeps the max value


Standard Presets: Single Char, Single Word, Single Sentence and Single Line

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