Smode Net

Smode Net

Remote control a server, Make multiple servers render together, Work with multiple people on the same project

Smode Designer software is composed of two parts:
  • A main editor window containing many widgets to visualize and modify the Element Tree The hierarchical structure of Smode elements Read More .
  • A rendering engine dedicated to compute the output windows.

this allows the Smode-Net two kinds of Smode connections: Smode Designer rendering server network sharing is activated by default (with the corresponding license). This can be configured in the network part of Engine Preferences General preferences of SMODE's rendering engine. Add your Device here: MIDI controller, OSC, Video and Audio devices etc. Read More
For this purpose, Smode Designer integrates a Smode network discoverer that can be configured in the Application Smode user interface parameters Read More preference panel.
If your Smode network settings are correct, your Windows Network settings are correct, and your firewall settings are correct, you should be able to see all computers running a Smode shared rendering server in the Network menu.

A good tool for launching and installing Smode on the network is the Launcher Smode Launcher Read More .

SMODE 9.3 - Network and Topology


How to Make a SmodeNet Project - A SmodeNet Project is a sharing environment of multiple Smode engines that run the same project. To render larger resolution or for a Main, Spare setup

How to Remote connection - Connecting as a remote connect your UI to the distant rendering engine of another server

How to Enable and Disable Smode Net Live Sync - Detaching a Smode Server smode server are server known inside a Topology. If they are online, they will be impacted by all Topology project changes. Read More From a Smode Net project to make video Export, modification...

Network Settings in Windows - Select the right network setting inside Windows for Smode Net setups

Synchronize Servers Animations with Time Provider - Synchronize animations on different servers with rendering clock sharing

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