Lorenz Attractor

Lorenz Attractor

Field - A field using the Lorenz strange attractor

It is what we call a "strange attractor". Lorenz makes your particles spiral around its center, forming spirals, galaxies, things like that. Do not hesitate playing with its three arbitrary components (rho, beta, sigma), as well as its center and size. The Lorenz attractor can create beautiful things.


  • Sigma (Positive floating point number) : First component of the algorithm
  • Rho (Positive floating point number) : Second component of the algorithm
  • Beta (Positive floating point number) : Third component of the algorithm
  • Center (3D Position) : Center of the attractor
  • Scale (3D Size in Floating point number) : Scale of the attractor
  • Position Strength (Floating point number) : Influence the particles position directly, without changing its forces.
    Warning, influencing directly the position can make the particles go through surfaces without colliding with them!
  • Velocity Strength (Floating point number) : Influence the particles velocity only (accelerate or slow them down without changing their direction)
  • Force Strength (Floating point number) : Influence the particles forces (change their velocity and direction)


Advanced Presets: Manfreda

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