Multiple Smode installation scenario are possible:

Installation of Smode with software installer

To install Smode with software installer, you need administrative privileges, run Smode [xxxx] file and follow installer instructions:

Installation of Smode from a zip archive

To install Smode from a zip archive, you do not require any privileges, you just have to unzip the Smode [xxxx] file somewhere on your computer (on your desktop for instance) and then run Smode.exe file contained in the extracted folder.
If it’s not yet present on your system, you need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package update (x64).
Download it from here:vcredist.exe
If it’s not yet present on your system, you also need to install the The CodeMeter Runtime for Windows.
Download it from here:CodeMeterRuntime.exe
If you are using VIOSO Anyblend integration in Smode you should install the following extra dependencies:
If it’s not yet present on your system, install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package update (x64).
Download it from here:vcredist_x64.exe
If it’s not yet present on your system, install Direct X June 2010 redistributable.
Download it from here:directx_Jun2010_redist.exe

First run registration

Smode Synth, Smode Studio Demo and Smode Designer Demo, editions are a free software and do not need to be registered.
For others edition of Smode, you should have an licensed hardware USB dongle plugged on your computer, or a software license file for each computer where Smode is installed.
If software licensed Smode is not yet activated on a computer, at first run, the following dialog window will be displayed:
Drag the License.txt file provided by SmodeTech in the red zone. This will display the following success dialog if the license file is correct:

If you have some issues with drag and drop methods (remote desktop problems, unresponsive touchpad, or Bad user interfaces sizes in Smode drop zones, display outputs or can past the license file in this location: %appdata%\Roaming\Smode [edition]\License.txt

First run configuration

A first Smode start, if you have multiple graphics card integrated in your computer with at least one screen plugged on it or an EDID enforced, Smode will ask you to configure on witch card the computing will be done:
Promote the best performance graphics card if possible. Choosing the computing card still allows you to display computed content on another card (some extra data transfer cost can occurred in this case). This setting can be changed in Graphics Windows Setting of the Engine Preferences later.
Note that if you consider to use texture sharing with Spout, the computing card of Smode and third party software should be the same.
If you rely on OS configuration, the graphics card plugged on the primary display will be used.
Note that if you run Smode with a Laptop using Nvidia Optimus or AMD Enduro technology, the highest performances GPU will be used without letting this choices available.
Congratulation! You just configured Smode successfully! Now you can start using the Quick Start Panel.

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