Masks Catalog

Masks Catalog

2D and 3D Masks

Here is a review of the principal masks, each one has it's own options.
The demonstrations of the 3D masks is made by masking both a 3D Transform Change every vertex position using scale, rotate and translate transformations Read More and a diffuse component of the sphere Surface Display geometry's triangles as a surface Read More . As you may see on the Placement mask Solid mask that has a 2D Placement Read More image, a Perspective Placement defined by a quad using perspective interpolation Read More has been used.

2D Masks

Color TextureMask

Color Mask (and chroma key)

Depth Mask (using depth buffer of 3D layers)

Function Mask

Group Mask

Texture Mask

Linear Mask

Noise Mask

Placement Mask


Radial Mask

3D Masks

Age Mask over a 3D transform with a rotation in a particle system

Box Mask

Cylinder Mask

Depth Mask

Fresnel Mask

Function Mask

Texture Mask (use Mesh UV)

Linear Mask

Noise Mask

Normal Mask

Random Mask (per vertex)

Sphere Mask

UV mask ( Horizontal / Vertical / Angles / Radius )

Velocity Mask (only for particles)

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