Function Editor

Function Editor

The editor allows you to manipulate every Function Function that maps a number (percentage, time, etc.) to a value Read More in Smode

When you select an element containing a Function Function that maps a number (percentage, time, etc.) to a value Read More (such as a gradient, an Exposed Parameter Allow to control multiple Link Target with a single value Read More , or a Function Cue An animation bloc defined by a Function Read More , etc.), you can manipulate it through the function editor.
Unlike the Timeline Timelines specificity is to play, cut and edit video layers easily, and to animate layers and their parameters Read More , the horizontal axis of the function is expressed in percentage (%).
Here is a schematic of the function editor tools:

In the picture below, you can see the function editor in curve mode. Note that if a track is composed of more than one dimension, you'll first have to separate its dimensions (on the function column of the function editor, see the image above) to see its curves.

Function editor shortcuts

Here are shortcuts to edit functions in the function editor:
  • J / K : Previous / next key
  • Ctrl + Click : Create a key
  • Alt + Click : Change Key interpolation
  • Ctrl + K : Create key in current time
  • Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V : Copy / Paste
  • Ctrl+D : Duplicate Keys at the end of the selection (careful with key overlap here)
  • Ctrl+A : Select all Keys
  • Shift + move (single key) : Snap key on grid or on other keys
  • Shift + move (multiple selection) : Scale group of key
  • U : Change view between Curves / Track
  • F : Focus view on selection / keys

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