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Smode display some ugly edges on sides of images when displayed as textures of 3D objects

How can I warp a 2D layer - I don't understand how work the modifier

Make a camera mapping

Trying to browse a folder like when I want to export a video, Smode freeze

How can I get rid of aliasing - Configure the multisampling

Exporting a video some of my animation seems frozen

Cant find preset

I can't find People Mask

I can't find Denoiser modifier

I can't find Upscale modifier

Where do these visual artefacts come from - Issues with visuals artefacts? The answer might be here


Create Compositions - Here are listed several different way to manipulate parameters precisely to fine tune you compositions or stage setups.

Create Layers - Here are all ways to create layers, create geometry, create particles and create modifiers listed.

Transcode image sequence - Convert a list of images into video

Transcode image in DDS - Convert a list of Image in DDS images for faster loading times

Interpret Alpha of a Footage - How to interpret pre-multiplication of a Video / Image (.png .exr) with an Alpha Layer

Use presets - Be fast, be free, fly like an eagle over the beaches of Normandy

Save Presets - How to save your own preset

- How to create procedural structures to use the same content in many parts of a composition

Use 2dm and 3dm modifiers files - How to export and use modifiers files

Create Video Reactive content - Make your Smode compositions reactive to video streams

Create Audio Reactive content - Make your Smode compositions reactive to audio streams

Record live values in timelines - Live records for rehearsal

Playback and Export:

Configure the Video Output - Display your content on output monitors

Configure the Audio Output - Listen to the sound of you compositions

Use optimisation tools to accelerate a composition - It is running fast? Could be faster.

Configure Spout - How to configure Spout Input Receive a video stream from Spout (check :Configure Spout) Read More and Spout Output Sends a video stream to Spout (check :Configure Spout) Read More

Export a Video - Video Export specifications and system

Export and Import image sequence - How to import and export image sequence in Smode

Export in Hap from third party softwares - Use Smode Tech plugin for all your Hap export purposes (from after effects or other softwares) to have a good real time video with both quality and prestige!

Export and Consolidate - How to collect all files of a composition in order to share it


Improve compositions quality - Here are listed several different way to increase a composition quality

Bake compositions - How to transform a Compo Composite 2D Layer, Shape layer and 3D Layer together. [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] to create a new composition after opening Smode Read More into a video file inside a composition to gain fps

Get back an auto-save - How to use the auto-save files to recover Project and Composition

Import CSV as Parameters Bank

Convert Parameters

How-to Manage Loading and VRam usage - This topic explain how to manage the Loading of the content to avoid full VRAM usage
For more information on the GPU Memory Meter Displays the ratio of graphics memory used to the available memory Read More

Install NVidia Video effects -



Hard Reset Smode configs - When you have a crash when booting Smode

Analyze the Log Files - Analyze the log files after a freeze or crash to find if you can solve it by yourself

System Time between computer and CmContainer differs too much.

Configure DirectShow for Blackmagic

Bad user interfaces sizes in Smode drop zones, display outputs or icons.

How to Import psd files from Photoshop

Very long shader linking time with NVidia GPU

User interface does not respond to mouse clicks

How to display international characters such as Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic etc. in Smode

Conflict with Anti-Virus

When Vsync is activated, then the video is flicking on the output while ON AIR

My medias are black/not loaded at launch

launching Smode break audio in other app

Issues with video Playback - Frame drop, performances problems? Here are some relevant questions that might help you optimise your show:

Ensuring your display hardware will not drop

Ensuring your display hardware will not drop