Text Generator

Text Generator

A simple but very powerful text

All elements in this category generate a text that can be modified with Text Modifier Modify texts Read More , grouped with a Group Text Generator group some texts Read More and rendered with a Text renderer Render a Text or group of text Read More

Select Names vs Select Files

. By default, the fonts are loaded by a group of 4:
  • Regular
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Bold Italic

Smode will try several rules to find the correct font variation. In some cases, the fonts might not be correctly or fully loaded (missing the bold-italic font for example).
To bypass some loading problems, it is advised to use the Select names otpions and to drag and drop the different fonts in each associated fields.
Using Select names need to have the fonts in your Media Directories Where you can find all your content media Read More

Style and fonts

There is a deep relationship between the fonts filled and the styles. For example: Checking the bold options simply load the font which has been entered in the Bold field. Same for Italic and Bold Italic.
Activate Bold and italic also filled the texture Atlas in the Text renderer Render a Text or group of text Read More


  • Text (Multi-line Text) : Text content
  • Font (Font Selector) : Select the font
  • Style (Text Markup) : Defines some style for the text


Standard Presets: Font test


Group Text Generator - group some texts

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