How-To Unreal 5

How-To Unreal 5

How to configure Unreal 5 for XR with SMODE

!!! This only work with DisplayPort FLEX Deltacast Card and Blackmagic Decklink!!!
You should Use Smode 9.4 and Unreal 5.2
For the calibration with a decentralized setup you need to do a Smode Net Remote control a server, Make multiple servers render together, Work with multiple people on the same project Read More so each node can output its own tags

General settings

Here are the general parameters that apply to the different configuration ( centralized, decentralized...)

In Camera VFX

Having done an InCameraVFX Unreal project before can be useful
to learn how to make a InCameraVFX Unreal project you can visit:
You don't need any tracking to be inside Unreal, it's Smode that handle the tracking system

Unreal Plugins

First copy the Smode plugins in your project "plugins" folder or in the engine "plugins" folder
You need to enable the plugins Smode, nDisplay, and ICVFX

Unreal Projects Settings

1) Set the Game Instance Class to SmodeGameInstace
2) Set enable alpha channel support in postprossess to Linear Color Space only or Allow through Tonemapper depending on what you will do in Composure

Plugins settings

1) Select the Ip and port of the Server where Smode is running. ( probably not a local IP like here)
2) Activate nDisplay in nDisplay: Main --> Enable: True

Setup your Map

Your Smode actor and nDisplay need to be located into your persistent level

1) drag and drop the BP_SmodeRig from the Plugins\SmodeUnrealPlugin\Content\ folder to the map
2) And select the cine camera in the BP_SmodeRig

Setup Topology

Here are the different Topology that you can make for your XR studio you need to chose one and follow the guide

Simple centralized setup

With this setup you can do a Set Extension and AR
You can read more here: Simple Centralized Setup A Basic Smode Unreal centralized Setup for XR with 2 server Read More

Dual centralized setup

With this setup you can do a Set Extension and AR, AR can have different object in it
You can read more here: Dual Centralized Setup A Smode Unreal centralized Setup with 2 Unreal server for XR Read More

Decentralized setup

With this setup you can do a Set Extension and AR, AR can have different object in it and the LED screen have dedicated Unreal server
You can read more here: Decentralized Setup A Smode Unreal decentralized Setup with 3 or more Unreal server for XR Read More

The Switchboard launcher is located in: /Engine/Plugins/VirtualProduction/Switchboard/Source/Switchboard/switchboard.bat
and the listener is in /Engine/Binaries/Win64/SwitchboardListener.exe
Your configuration file is exported via the nDisplay actor:
Now you can check How-To Unreal In Smode How to integrate your Unreal content inside Smode Read More for the next step

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