Standard Output

Standard Output

Video Output Device - The Standard Output can be used to display the output on a second monitor

The purpose of Standard Video Output Devices is to display content on a screen, such as a monitor or video projector. These devices are connected to the computer's graphics card and attached to the OS desktop.

Remove watermark

If you see this sign on your Output:
then, you need to add the required number of IO Channels Remove the watermark on Inputs and Outputs channels Read More to your device.
If you want to use 10 bit video output, read this topic: 10 bit colors Output Enable 10 Bits support for the Standard Output Read More


  • Position (Pixel Point) : Position of the standard output in the OS desktop
  • Monitor (Video Monitor Selector) : This helps to fit the standard output size and position according to a connected screen attached to the OS desktop
  • Level (Percentage) : Level of the standard output opacity

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