Camera tracking

Camera tracking

Create and configure a tracking system and camera

Physical Camera A camera that simulate a real-one Read More needs a specific XR/AR licence. Please contact us for trying thanks our #XRForm

Create the control device

Go to your preference->Control Devices and add a new control device to the list that correspond to the one you have.
In this example, we will use a Stype tracking device.
Configure the address, port, and check "Reuse local port" if another application need to access to the data of this device Once your device is well set, you should see data incoming to Smode:

Create a tracking System

Create a Tracking System To visualize tracked points using a tracking device Read More above any other stage elements If your tracking system is under other stage element, you will get in trouble for calibration part.

Create a physical Camera

A Physical Camera A camera that simulate a real-one Read More is a specific camera that try to simulate a real one. By default, it's placement is in Link To Tracker Placement relative to tracker Read More
Select the tracker associated to your camera.

Layers order

At this step, every needed stage elements are created. You need to respect the following orders to ensure your calibration works:
  • Tracking System
  • Physical Camera
  • Floor LED screen
  • LED wall A
  • LED wall B

  • Correct
  • Correct (Leds walls position can be reversed)
  • tracking system not placed at the first position in tree:
  • Camera not placed in second position in tree:
  • Floor is not the first LED screen:
Next step: Xr-Broadcast 3D content in the screen Use your LED screens as windows opened on a 3D world Read More

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