Parameter Bank

Parameter Bank

Bank - Group a bunch of Exposed Parameter Allow to control multiple Link Target with a single value Read More together

A parameter bank is a small interface offering controls over your composition.

You can turn off edition mode on the Parameters bank. You will see that the parameters are directly accessible in the Parameters Editor Edit the parameters of the selected Element Read More , if the bank is selected.

Accessing Exposed Parameters

The Parameter bank at the root of your compo defines the exposed controls of that compo. Those controls become the parameters of the document itself. You can see that just by looking at the document in the file table. Those parameters are listed as children. When referencing the compo somewhere else (in another compo, in a project, etc.), your exposed parameters will be accessible within the parameters of the referenced document. That turns compos into self-contained dynamic image generators.

Parameter states

A parameter bank can have states that can be very useful for encoding.
learn more about Parameters Bank State A state of a collection of Exposed Parameter Read More
Another way to create parameter bank is to Import CSV as Parameters Bank


  • Parameters (List of Parameters) : Parameters of the parameter bank

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