Generate a license request File

Generate a license request File

How to create a License request

This topic will show you how to generate a file request to send us in order to activate a new license or an unlock.
The dongle need to have at minimum firmware 3.0. If not you need to update it Update Wibu license dongle firmware How to update the firmware of the Wibu dongle, to make it compatible with Smode license Read More

Other method: Generate license from smode

This method only work if you already have a working version of Smode.
First Open the license editor
You can a generate license update request file with the "Generate license request" button:

Smode will propose you to create the file somewhere.

You just have to send us the file at [email protected] and we'll send you one. The only remaining thing will be to Apply a license Update Last step to unlock Smode Read More .

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