layers Class names

layers Class names

Listing of layers class names

Used for Python Script Write Python scripts inside Smode Read More


  • Compo Composite 2D Layer, Shape layer and 3D Layer together. [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] to create a new composition after opening Smode Read More Compo
  • Scene Multi-target video composition bound to a Pipeline Read More Scene
  • 3D Scene Specific type of scene for 3D content Read More Push3dContentLayer
  • Volume Layer The Volume layer is used to generate volume information witch is sent to the stage elements Read More VolumeLayer

2D Generators

2D Modifiers

Color: Distort:
  • 2D Transform Change pixels position using translate, scale and rotate parameters with Read More Transform2dTextureModifier
  • Displace Move each pixel in a direction given a distortion map Read More DisplaceTextureModifier
  • Droste Image inception Read More DrosteTextureModifier
  • Flip Flip an image on horizontally, vertically, or both Read More FlipTextureModifier
  • Kaleidoscope Repeat part of an image by mirroring it (making things symmetrical) Read More KaleidoscopeTextureModifier
  • Polar Coordinates Make your image circular Read More PolarCoordinatesTextureModifier
  • Swirl Distort with swirling ripples Read More SwirlTextureModifier
  • Warp Manual distort, perspective mapping tool Read More WarpTextureModifier
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3D generators

Meshs: Splines:
  • Circle One circle to control them all...or something like that Read More CircleGeometryGenerator
  • Function Spline A Spline defined by a Function that can be either generative or keyframed Read More FunctionSplineGeometryGenerator
  • Helix Fixed height helix Read More HelixGeometryGenerator
  • Knot Hi there, sailor ! Read More KnotGeometryGenerator
  • Rectangle A rectangle, but also a square, who would have guessed ? Read More RectangleGeometryGenerator
  • Segment Segment defined by 2 3D Position Read More SegmentGeometryGenerator
  • Star Create a star with as many branches as you want Read More StarGeometryGenerator
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3D Modifiers

Attributes: Distort:
  • 3D Transform Change every vertex position using scale, rotate and translate transformations Read More Transform3dGeometryModifier
  • Boxify Align every vertex of the geometry on a box primitive Read More BoxifyGeometryModifier
  • Demultiply Demultiply vertices of a geometry Read More DemultiplyGeometryModifier
  • Position Noise Change vertex position in space using an animatable 3D noise Read More PositionNoiseGeometryModifier
  • Quantize Use discrete values rather than to a continuous set of values to place geometry's vertices in space Read More QuantizeGeometryModifier
  • Set Position Place every vertex of the geometry on the same point coordinate in space Read More SetPositionGeometryModifier
  • Spherify Align every vertex of the geometry on a sphere primitive Read More SpherifyGeometryModifier
  • Transform Triangles Allow to display and transform triangles instead of quads on a geometry Read More TransformTrianglesGeometryModifier
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Shapes generators

Shapes Modifiers

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Special layers

Stage Elements


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