Extrude Shape

Extrude Shape

3D Modifier - Extrude splines into 3D surfaces that can be displayed with Surface Display geometry's triangles as a surface Read More

This one is the revert brother of Solidify Path Transform lines in shapes given by splines Read More . Take a spline geometry and extrude it following another spline. Do not work on triangulated geometries. Here are some examples of a square extruded.

Note that with the extrude, the Function Spline A Spline defined by a Function that can be either generative or keyframed Read More can come in handy to do some modelling, and in edit mode make the shape way easier to manipulate through the 3D trajectories :

And on the text you'll make it magical.


  • Path (3D Generator) : The spline along which the geometry will be extruded
  • Start Cap (On/off option) : Activate / Disactivate start cap cause it can be ugly
  • End Cap (On/off option) : Activate / Disactivate end cap cause it can be uglyextrude shape
  • Glue To Path (On/off option) : Activate / Disactivate if something goes wrong
  • Shape Position in Path (Percentage) : Always grey so don't bother
  • Shape Winding Order (Winding Order) : In some cases need to be set counter Clockwise, but usually you don't want to touch that

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