Control Device

Control Device

Device - Use any external controller in MIDI or OSC, DMX and ArtNet

A Control Device allows Smode to send or receive controller commands, like notes (a pitch and a note velocity), a button triggered on or off, a fader moved, ect... Via learning, these external events and values can be connected to any element parameters allowing documents automation.
To add a control device, go inside the preferences (F11):

You can then check the incoming messages from your device through the Devices Panel Visualize and manage audio/video input/outupts, clocks and controllers attached to Smode Read More :

Parameters to all Control Devices

  • Message History Size (Positive Number) : Message history size of the control device. This allow to made the message rate computation more or less precise depending of the latency needs
  • Message Count And Rate (Count And Rate) : Message count and rate of the control device (Read Only)
  • Last Received Message (Text) : Last received message of the control device (Read Only)


Keyboard - Use the keyboard as a controller

MIDI - Use a MIDI Device as controller

DMX - Use DMX Device as controller

ArtNet - Use ArtNet Device as controller

sACN - Use sACN Device as a controller

OSC - Use an OSC Device as a controller

Kinesys - Use a Kinesys Device as controller

Posital - Posital Control Device

Blacktrax Device - Blacktrax Tracking System To visualize tracked points using a tracking device Read More

Trackmen - Camera tracking device

Mouse - Mouse control device

Oculus Device - Use an Oculus Headset and Controllers

Augmenta Tracking device - Augmenta Tracking device

Stype Tracking system - Use a Stype tracking system

FreeD Tracking system - Use a FreeD camera tracking protocol

Posistage Net-PSN - Use PosistageNet values in Smode

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