Create and Run your XR Studio in Smode

Create and Run your XR Studio in Smode

create and run your xr studio in smode needs a specific XR/AR licence. Please contact us for trying thanks our #XRForm

What XR means ?

An XR project combines several special effects techniques to create a complete virtual environment.
Among the techniques used, we mainly note:
  • Camera tracking
  • The Virtual Set: LED screens arranged create a background
  • Augmented reality: superimposing virtual elements on a real camera stream
  • Set-extension: the virtual continuity of the background diffused in the virtual set through augmented reality.


XR-Create the Screens - LED walls and Internal Processors

Camera tracking - Create and configure a tracking system and camera

Xr-Broadcast 3D content in the screen - Use your LED screens as windows opened on a 3D world

Extended and augmented reality for XR studio - Final VFX processor for compositing the Camera with the Set-extension and AR

display Environment for xR studio - Display environment content around your frustum

XR Calibration procedures - Calibrate your XR Studio

XR-Latency Calibration - Automatically evaluate the amount of frame delay between sending a picture to the stage and receiving it back through the camera.

Camera Tracking Data Latency - Sync the Camera Video Input with the Tracking Data

XR-Geometry Calibration - Lets Smode know the position of cameras and Led Screens in the real world

XR-Color Calibration - Blend perfectly the walls colors with the virtual surrounding.

Sanity Check for XR setup - Hardware setup for XR project