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Here are the different tools of the Viewport:
  1. 2D-3D view Switch 2D/3D view Read More
  2. Show/Hide Rulers
  3. Snap to pixels
  4. Display helpers bound to Model/World
  5. Show/Hide Helpers
  6. Show/Hide Outlines
  7. Show/Hide Wireframe
  8. Set background to Transparent/Black/White
  9. Choose the channel between Color and alpha, Color only, Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Alpha or Depth pass
  10. Zoom in/out, Fit to screen or Fit 1px:1px
  11. Show/Hide Grid
  12. Take a Preview Screenshot
  13. Switch camera (when in a 3D space)
  14. Navigation mode
  15. Translate (shortcut: T)
  16. Rotate (shortcut: R)
  17. Scale (shortcut: T)
  18. Edit Mode Allow to edit quickly some layers parameters Read More
There are two different viewport modes for a Compo Composite 2D Layer, Shape layer and 3D Layer together. [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] to create a new composition after opening Smode Read More adapted for 2D and for 3D.
Post-effects are not applied in 3D mode to make the preview faster to compute

Visualizer (Green arrow)

To visualize a specific element or a modifier of the composition, you can use the visualizer by clicking the green arrow by the side of each Layer, Mask and Modifier:

If you're using this tool on a mask or a modifier, you will see a split view with the layer before and after the mask modifier has been applied:

4 Splitted Views

Double-click on a 3D viewport to access the splitted view with a front, side, top, and a perspective view:
You can choose one of the preview modes by double-clicking on it.

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