Cue List

Cue List

Animation - Add cues one after another to encode your Show

Will be in use mainly for show control inside of the Show Contains all the video content of the project Read More
Complex Cue orchestration can be performed by composing Cue. This can be done with Loop Cue, Sequence Cue, Simultaneous Cue and Sequence Animation.
The Quickest way to create movement in Smode is to create Loop Cue on animatable parameters (see Function Cue An animation bloc defined by a Function Read More section).
Once some Cues are inside the animation Bank you can Group them with ctrl+shift+G in order to create a cue list.
Note that you can also create Simultaneous Cue and Sequence Cue by selecting several cues and right clic menu.

Cue list is now displayed inside the CueList editor in the bottom of the Viewport Preview and edit your content Read More :

As in all Animation, Pause and Finalize Triggers exist. Here Play Trigger only resumes paused cues and does not launch reset or finalized Sequence Animation. The new Go Trigger just launches the current Cue and updates Next Cue to Go. You can modify the Next Cue to Go without playing them by using the new Previous or Next Trigger around the Go Trigger or by changing the value 1/3 into another one directly. Modifying the Next Cue to Go will finalize all previous Cues and reset the following ones. Trig Go on a finalized Sequence Animation resets the Sequence Animation and launches the first Cue. The last button of the Sequence Animation Transport Thing that can be played out of a Timeline or Function Cue and that doesn't need to be inside an Animation Bank Read More is the Looping state. If active, Go on a last Cue will launch the first cue without resetting the Sequence Animation. This new Sequence Animation Editor tab allows you to view and edit Cue Sequence more easily. The current Cue is framed with a blue rectangle. The Next Cue to Go is display over the first column Cue number with a white round play icon. You can change it by double clicking on the Cue number. You can also create new Cue more easily, for instance by dragging the 2D Layer Uniform at the end of the Sequence and select Opacity > Fade Out.

This will add a fourth Fade Cue. With the current Sequence Animation items settings:
  • Go needs to be trigged four time to play the four Cues. (This will do a fade from black to red, to yellow, to white and finally, transparent).
  • You can trig Go before the playing cue is finished. This will play the end of the previous playing Cue simultaneously with the beginning of the current one.
  • When a Cue reaches its end (finalized), the next Cue is not played.

We can now try to play with Animation Items settings, for instance we can uncheck the pause icon in order to make them automatic. The cues without pause icon are stated automatically. In this Sequence Animation Items settings we only need to click on Go two times. The first go will the first cue, then 2nd and 3rd simultaneously, then 4th cue.

The launch of the three Cues is simultaneous because Sequence Animation Items are created in No Follow mode by default. You can activate the Follow mode by clicking on the dual arrow of the Fade In. With this new Sequence Animation Items settings, the two middle cues will launched sequentially without the need of clicking on Go. Note that Go can be trigged during automatic Cue to prematurely start the next Cue.

Follow mode is also interesting for the non automatic Cue:
In this last Sequence Animation Items settings, trig Go during a Cue playing will finalize the Cue before launching the next One. In opposition with the first Sequence Animation Items settings, when Go starts, the next Cue will be played simultaneously with the current one.

On this last example, every cue will be launch one after another with e break (pause) between each one, waiting for a go:


  • Looping (On/off option) : Option to let the cuelist loop
  • Transport (Cue List Transport) : Transport Thing that can be played out of a Timeline or Function Cue and that doesn't need to be inside an Animation Bank Read More of the cue list
  • Bind To Clock (Clock) : Bind to clock of the cue list
  • Parameters (Animation Play Parameters) : Parameters of the cue list

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