2D Modifier - Turn the image into an assembly of tiles

The tiles effect can be based on any sprite and has numerous options. Here are three presets for this effect:





  • Pattern (2D Generator) : Select the 2D Generator The part of a 2D layer that generates the image Read More
  • Pattern Scale (2D Size or Scale factor) : Pattern scale of the tiles
  • Scale Min (2D Size in Floating point number) : Scale min of the tiles
  • Scale Max (2D Size in Floating point number) : Scale max of the tiles
  • Angle Min (Angle) : Angle min of the tiles
  • Angle Max (Angle) : Angle max of the tiles
  • Opacity Min (Percentage) : Opacity min of the tiles
  • Opacity Max (Percentage) : Opacity max of the tiles
  • Colorize Min (Percentage) : Colorize min of the tiles
  • Colorize Max (Percentage) : Colorize max of the tiles

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