Reflection Probe

Reflection Probe

Enhance real-time refections into 3D Renderer Displays a 3D geometry Read More

This feature is only available in the current beta version of Smode and is not yet officialy supported.

A reflexion probe is a tool close to a 360° camera you'll place in 3D space in order to get visual information to plug it into a renderer.
Is here the procedure to follow in order to enhance reflexions:
1 - Create a Reflection Probe (right clic->reflection Probe).
2 - Add an environment map into your Surface Display geometry's triangles as a surface Read More Renderer (right click on the surface renderer).
3 - Change the environment map component into "Reflection Probe" (a preset of the environment component allows to create it directly, go check the Use presets Be fast, be free, fly like an eagle over the beaches of Normandy Read More part of the doc).
4 - Select the Reflection Probe map and just drag and drop the probe into it.

Here is a result of this tool:


  • Position (3D Position) : Position of the reflection probe
  • Clipping Distances (Clipping Distance) : Clipping distances of the reflection probe
  • Resolution (Positive Number (> 0)) : Resolution of the reflection probe
  • Rendered Faces (Cube Faces Activation) : Rendered faces of the reflection probe
  • Box Projection (3D Size in Meters (Optional)) : Box projection of the reflection probe

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