Animation track of an element / parameter inside the Timeline Timelines specificity is to play, cut and edit video layers easily, and to animate layers and their parameters Read More editor or the Function Editor The editor allows you to manipulate every Function in Smode Read More

Contain Track Block Animate video inside a Track Read More , go check that part of the doc.


  • Target (Element Automation Target) : Target of the track (Read Only)
  • Blocks (List of Element Track Blocks) : Blocks of the track

Parameters common to all Elements

  • Loading (Activation State) : The loading status of the track. It can be loaded , enabled by not loaded or unloaded
  • Activation (Activation State) : The activation status of the track. It can be active , enabled by not active or inactive
  • Color Label (RGB Color) : Associate a color label to your track to make it easily locatable
  • Solo (On/off option) : Activate this to keep only this track active and hide all other tracks in same location
  • Editable (Activation State) : The editabiliy status of the track. It can be locked directly , locked indirectly or editable
  • Preset (Element Preset Selector) : Select a preset to apply on the track
  • Status (Object's errors and warnings) : Warnings and errors associated to this track

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