Substance PBR Surface

Substance PBR Surface

3D Renderer - Surface PBR renderer defined by .sbsar file

This renderer enables to use a .sbsar file, generated by Substance Designer, as PBR material. It relies on the same shading algorithm as PBR Surface Surface Physically-based rendering Read More an interpret the following maps from Substance:
  • Diffuse (or BaseColor if Diffuse is not present)
  • Normal
  • Metallic
  • Roughness
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Emissive
You can change most of the parameters of the textures as you where in Substance Designer. The following limitations applies:
  • Input fonts and images are not supported
  • Angle parameters don't use our angle widget :(
  • Sizes of texture(s) are forced to be power of two (Substance requirement)
Learn How to create your own .sbsar for Smode Create your own Sbsar for Smode thanks Substance Designer Read More


  • Blending Mode (Blending Mode) : How this substance pbr surface gets blended
  • Depth Buffer (Renderer Depth Settings) : Depth-buffer related settings
  • File (Sbsar Data File Selector) : The .sbsar file
  • Graph (Multiple-choices option) : Which material to use inside the .sbsar (in case it contains multiple materials)
  • Metallic Factor (Percentage) : An overall metallic factor
  • Roughness Factor (Percentage) : An overall roughness factor
  • Dynamic Variables (Substance) : The exposed parameters from Substance


Advanced Presets: carbon_fiber_plain_weave, laser_cut_white_norway_spruce, lava_flow, metal_selective_speaker_mesh, mud_wet_step_marks and sci_fi_storage_unit_wall

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