Fix NDI outputs issues

Fix NDI outputs issues

No NDI Output Send video output into NDI Read More outputs? Here are some solutions to fix it

1 - NDI and Smode version

Ensure that your version of NDI is compatible with the version of Smode you are using. Refer to the Change Log What's new in Smode? Read More .

2 - Deactivate unused network devices

Disable the virtual network devices that you don't use and remove the hidden drivers of older network hardware installed in.
Windows -> Computer management -> Device Manager -> Network adapters ('Show hidden devices' in the 'View' menu):

3 - IPV6 and Network check

Disable IPv6 on all network adapters (connected or not) to unload the associated driver:
Ensure that there are no multiple IPs from the same subnet associated with different adapters.

4 - Uninstall NCAP

If Wireshark software has been installed on your server, uninstall the NPCAP sniffer:

5 - Disable the Firewall

Try disabling Windows firewalls if possible.

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