Function key with associated interpolation data

A keyframe contains a position, a value and input/output interpolation data.
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We can see a grey rectangle linking the two keys together. This is the interpolation.
Keyframe Interpolation:
Interpolation is the process of filling in the unknown data between keys. This means generating new values between the two keyframes. The interpolation is the job of the software. Smode does interpolation between keys thanks to interpolators. Each keyframe has two interpolators, one for the input and one for the output.

The interpolators can be of several types. Those types all generate intermediate values in a different way.
They will change the feel of the animation. Here they are:

Keyframes and their interpolation can be used to animate element and their parameters, for image and color adjustments, to create color gradients, and a lot more.

Parameters to all Keyframes

  • position (Number) : The position of the animation key
  • key (Object) : The value of the animation key
  • linkInterpolators (On/off option) : Option to link or not the input and the output interpolation data
  • inputInterpolator (Keyframe Interpolator) : Input interpolation data
  • outputInterpolator (Keyframe Interpolator) : Output interpolation data

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