Posistage Net-PSN

Posistage Net-PSN

Use PosistageNet values in Smode

Create and configure

First, go to the Preferences Smode Preferences panel Read More panel (F11) and create a new PosistageNet Control Device Use any external controllers such as MIDI or OSC, DMX, and ArtNet Read More . You should receive this kind of datas in the Devices Panel Visualize and manage audio/video inputs/outputs, clocks, and controllers connected to Smode Read More :
Create a Tracking System To visualize tracked points using a tracking device Read More in your Stage 3D modeling of the real-world video setup Read More , to get the trackers inside.
With the tracking system, you can attach any 3D Object to a tracker using the Link To Tracker Placement relative to tracker Read More Placement type, or with a simple Link Modifier add operations between source and target from a link Read More if you don't need the full 3D Placement.

Simulate PSN in Smode

Before going on set, you can preview PSN values using simulation software, which can be downloaded here: psn-cpp
Navigate to the bin/win64 folder and execute the psn_server.exe program. It will broadcast data that can be received by Smode. This way, you'll have a better understanding of the type of data sent through the PSN protocol.

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