Text renderer

Text renderer

Render a Text or group of text

Unlike other layers, Text Generator A simple but very powerful text Read More does not allow multiple renderers to be added to a generator

Layouting options

Some layouting options can be used directly in the text renderer but can be highly customized thanks Text Modifier Modify texts Read More
Your text can also have options to fit a box thanks the Size parameters.

Understand Texture Atlas

The Text layer Advanced text tool Read More has been designed for realtime. In order not to load the characters twice, each of them are saved in an Atlas. This atlas is updated when:
  • A new character is added
  • The size of the font changed
  • A font variation (Bold or italic) is requested, through the Text Generator A simple but very powerful text Read More options as well as through a Bold Force the text to be bold Read More or Italic Change to italic Read More
  • A new font is requested (example: with a Font Change the font Read More modifier
  • A new font or new character are requested with a Append Append text Read More or with a insert Insert text Read More .

You can visualize the texture atlas by going in renderer->Advanced parameters->Show Texture Atlas

The Texture Atlas is basically a canvas with it's own resolution that gonna be filled with new characters.
Depending of the number of characters and variations you wan't to display, the texture atls might be filled to capacity. An error will then occured:

Increase the resolution of the atlas solved this problem.

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