External peripheral exchanging data with Smode

Devices are external peripherals that can exchange data with Smode.
They can be input devices, output devices, or both simultaneously. These devices can be physical, software-based, or virtual.
All devices manipulated by Smode can be configured in the Devices Panel Visualize and manage audio/video inputs/outputs, clocks, and controllers connected to Smode Read More .
Note that a device can be recreated or muted directly from the Element tree using the Automate Device Mute or recreate device Read More tool.

Parameters to all Devices

  • Identifier (Device Identifier) : Is the unique identifier of an external device
  • Status (Object's errors and warnings) : Status of the device (Read Only).
    Informs on the state of the device, or of connectivity issues.
  • Mute (On/off option) : Used to allow to disable temporarily device


Device Configuration - Configure a device

Device Identifier - Identify a unique device

Audio Device - Use audio devices in Smode

Control Device - Use any external controllers such as MIDI or OSC, DMX, and ArtNet

Video Input Device - Video Input Devices are used to capture video streams in Smode

Video Output Device - Video Output Devices are devices that enable the sending of a video stream out of Smode

Clock Device - Used to synchronize an animation with Time Code

Storage Device - Disk and Drive Used by Smode

IO Channels - Remove the watermark on Inputs and Outputs channels

How To - How to manipulate devices like a boss!

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