Gradient mask

Gradient mask

2D TextureMask - Gradient Mask

Use a 2D Gradient A gradient shape such as "Linear", "Radial" or "Noise" Read More to mask the 2D Layer A single 2D Layer Read More (place it in Edit Mode Allow to edit quickly some layers parameters Read More using the ellipse). This can now be used instead of Noise mask Mask defined through a Noise Function Read More , Linear mask Mask defined through a linear fade along a segment Read More or Radial mask Mask defined through an ellipse Read More .


  • Type (Gradient 2d) : Type of the gradient mask
  • Smoothness (Positive floating point number) : Smoothness of the gradient mask
  • Position (Ellipse) : Position of the gradient mask
  • Function (Percentage Function) : Function of the gradient mask

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