2D Transform

2D Transform

2D Modifier - Change pixels position using translate, scale and rotate parameters with Wrap Modes

2d transform is a very powerful modifier. It seems very simple, but playing with the right parameters (frame and wrap modes) and masks makes it one of the most useful and versatile 2D distortion effect.
2d transform takes the input image and places it somewhere in the output image. If the output is not fully filled, it completes the image depending on its Wrap Modes.
Here are three examples of 2d transform with different parameters:

Scale down image

Rotate with Mirrored Repeat

Perspective with Horizontal Repeat

The last example (Perspective with Horizontal Repeat) is obtained with the following parameters:

In order to edit each four points defining the perspective, put the Frame into Perspective Placement defined by a quad using perspective interpolation Read More and select the Edition mode in the visualizer (red circle in the image above).
A very interesting aspect of distortion modifiers is the way they interact with 2D TextureMask Define a 2D Mask applicable on any 2D Renderer or 2D Modifier Read More .
In the following example, a swirl effect is obtained by having a 2d transform with rotation at 45° and a radial mask with a feather:

2D Transform with rotation plus Radial TextureMask with feather


  • Frame (2D Placement) : Placement of the input image inside the output image
  • Wrap Modes (Frame Wrap Modes) : If the placement does not take all available space, these parameters define how to fill the remaining space


Standard Presets: 2D Transform - Horizontal Flip, 2D Transform - Vertical Flip, 2D Transform - Top Left Anchor, 2D Transform - Bottom Right Anchor, 2D Transform - Bottom Left Anchor and 2D Transform - Top Right Anchor
Advanced Presets: Horizontal repeat, Mirror Repeat, Transparent, Mirror Right and Mirror Left

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