Number Based

Number Based

Link Modifier - Do operations based on numbers (multiply, add, substract etc.)

Here we will review every link modifiers. Theses modifiers allow to make modifications of an input value to get a different output value.
Theses operations are simple ones like + ; - ; / ; x ; ²
Or combinations of many.


Set - Change a range of values into a single one

Offset - Offset the input value with a simple - or + operator

Multiply - Multiply the Input value

Divide - Divide the Input value

Modulo - Take a range of your input values range and make it loop

Invert - Take the input value and multiply by -1

Floor - Take the input values and quantize them

Power - Uses a power function

Math Inverse - Use a Inverse Function 1/x

Absolute - Make everything positive

Minimum - Define a Minimum threshold for the Output Value

Maximum - Define a Maximum threshold for the Output Value

Clamp - Clamp a value between two extremities

Remap - Take Input range and convert it on another Output range

Trig - Convert a value into a trigger

Toggle - Will toggle the target of the link

Enable - When an activation state is linked, this will force it's activation

Disable - When an activation state is linked, this will force it's disactivation.