Notch Exposed Properties

Notch Exposed Properties

How to Expose Properties

Here is what you need to do in order to expose a property in Notch:
First in the properties pannel, chose one parameter and click on the "?" icon

Then in the popup pannel:
  • Enable the "Set Value Min/Max" checkbox and chose apropriate value for the parameter.
  • Enable the "expose Property" checkbox and change the name if you want

Smode has some specific naming conventions in order to determine the type of properties:
  • "Position" will become a meters parameter in Smode.
  • "Rotation" will become a angle.
  • "Scale" will become a scale factor (unbounded percentage).

In Notch the exposed Attributes are placed inside the Exposed pannel as show in the image below:

And to finich when your Block is imported inside Smode you have access to the parameter limited to it's min/max defined before:

You can also use a Exposable Camera How to use an Exposable Camera Read More for your Notch 3D Layer Notch 3D Layer Read More .
Learn more about Exposing Attributes with a video from Notch:

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