2D Modifier - Re-colorize an image by applying a color gradient

colorize is a generic color modifier that can be configured in many different ways.
For every pixel, it proceeds in two steps. First, the Color Selector computes a percentage value for the pixel that can be one of the RGBA values, the luminance, the grey-scale level or a color key value. Second, based on that value, it returns the color given by a Color Gradient Specify a one-dimensional color gradient Read More .
Here are the parameters for the example above:

Color Selector Parameters

Color Gradient Parameters

Note that to create fast motion design combining this modifier with the almighty power of Smode Function Function that maps a number (percentage, time, etc.) to a value Read More , here is a 1min tutorial to convince you so :


  • Color Selector (Color Selector) : How the RGBA Colors are mapped to positions in the gradient

    Parameters common to all Elements

    • Loading (Activation State) : The loading status of the color selector. It can be loaded , enabled by not loaded or unloaded
    • Activation (Activation State) : The activation status of the color selector. It can be active , enabled by not active or inactive
    • Color Label (RGB Color) : Associate a color label to your color selector to make it easily locatable
    • Solo (On/off option) : Activate this to keep only this color selector active and hide all other color selectors in same location
    • Editable (Activation State) : The editabiliy status of the color selector. It can be locked directly , locked indirectly or editable
    • Preset (Element Preset Selector) : Select a preset to apply on the color selector
    • Status (Object's errors and warnings) : Warnings and errors associated to this color selector
  • Gradient (Color Function) : How final colors are obtained


Standard Presets: Binarize

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