3D Renderer - Display geometry's triangles as a surface

The surface renderer allow to display triangulated geometries (so anything with a surface).
It contain every component you are used to :
-Diffuse : Emitted light from the object
-Specular : Add this reflection effect. This can be combined with emitted specular from Light Illuminate 3D renderers Read More .
-Bump : Displace object normals with a black and white map to generate false 3d with Light Illuminate 3D renderers Read More .
-Normal : Use a rgb map to displace object normals (much effective than bump). Use Light Illuminate 3D renderers Read More angle between object and camera to generate false 3D.
-Env-map : Use a spherical or Cylindrical map to fake reflections and refractions
-Vertex color info : Debug your object normals issues
-Alpha : In the title. Better use 3D Mask 3D masks enable selecting 3D vertices based on their different attributes such as position, color and texture coordinate. Read More to do this effect
-Checkerboard : A 3D checkerboard


  • Blending Mode (Blending Mode) : How this surface gets blended
  • Depth Buffer (Renderer Depth Settings) : Depth-buffer related settings
  • Auto Illuminate (Percentage) : This parameter allow to do self-illuminated object, If you only want to have an Auto Illuminated object you can use AutoIlluminate Surface Display geometry's triangles as a AutoIlluminate surface Read More
  • Side (Surface Side) : Side of the surface. If there are some part of your object you don't see, set it as "both". Uses the normals of the faces to displays or not the geometry
  • Flat Shading (On/off option) : Flat shading of the surface. Allow to have sharp faces well triangulated old school style !
  • Components (List of Surface Components) : Components of the surface


Standard Presets: Diffuse Specular, Diffuse, Diffuse Specular Bump, Diffuse Specular Normal, Diffuse Normal Specular Reflexion, Reflexion, Vertex Info Color and CheckerBoard 3D

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