Unreal Level Layer

Unreal Level Layer

The Map loaded in Unreal with its exposed actors

Loading a Map

Only one map can be loaded a the same time and the change between map is not seamless
  • Drag and drop your map in a Scene Multi-target video composition bound to a Pipeline Read More
  • Disable and enable unreal level layer to load the map ( if you restart Unreal/nDisplay this step need to be done every time).
  • Select its video Input and target content map

Rendering Quality

In each map, there is a rendering setting for the back/front and Env where you can select their resolution and if they are calculated and sent via Spout.

Map Placement

No Scaling is allowed
you have 2 option to move the placement of the map ( Only one will work at a time )
The default option is using the placement of the unreal level layer
The second option is inside Unreal by moving the DisplayRootActor
For Unreal you need to select the DisplayRootActor inside the front composure metadata pass
and in the SmodeRig disable the Use Smode Map Placement

Depth of field

For the Depth of field, you can choose to enable it or not and whether you want to use the Tracker distance via the camera or a manual distance.
The Multiply distance and offset are used to make adjustments over the value sent by the tracking system.
If it sends the correct values in meters the values of the multiplier and offset must remain by default.


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