Use presets

Use presets

Be fast, be free, fly like an eagle over the beaches of Normandy

Since the release of Smode 9, the presets have been reorganized to better match their uses. The existing presets in Smode 8 versions are still accessible but need to be activated in the standard pack.
check Legacy Default preset and Legacy Advanced presets to retrieve them!
Presets are recorded setups of parameters and Elements saved inside a Preset Bank from the Standard Pack.
Here you'll find a screenshot of every 3D layer's presets : Presets Catalog

Activate Preset Libraries

Preset are stored in libraries.
You can find the standard libraries in the Standard PackFilesEditor tab (top-left of the main window), and in the "Presets" row.
A preset library can be included or not.
When included, the presets it contains will be accessible from the element creation menus as well as in the element parameters.
To include / exclude a library, you can check / uncheck the check-box next to it in the files editor, as shown in the image below:

How to select a preset

As Smode's geometries and particles are generally constituted of a generator with many modifiers, and as there are some that we've used a lot, we decided to make some presets out of them to spare you the work.
A preset can be chosen directly from the menu by going over this nice icon :

Or afterward by choosing any one of them in the Parameters Editor Edit the parameters of the selected Element Read More :

What do presets change

Every preset is made of a sequence of modifiers and a generator with specific parameters. Let's take the first presets of the catalog "Circle Circus", this one is a presets of a Grid point generator made of a 3d Transform modifier masked by a Perlin noise Layer mask, an emit particles, a repeat and a color function. If you want to modify it just add/substract/change a modifier.
Be also aware that changing a preset afterward (as explained above) will not affect the renderers (sprites points/surface/wireframe/lines etc.). So you can create a nice and shiny mesh surface shader, change the presets and it will still be there.
You can also notice in the screenshot below that the color function is actually also a preset and so, can be changed too to any other of the color function's presets without risks of breaking or changing anything up or parallel in the Smode tree hierarchy.

Content of Default.presets The default library contains some standard and very basic presets to allow for a quicker content creation process.

Content of Advanced Presets.presets Advanced Presets contains a lot of pre-made compositions or shapes.

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