Workspace components

Workspace components

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Application Component:

ApplicationWorkspaceComponent - Where all of your content medias are

Media Directories - Where all of your content medias are

File Preview Panel - Displays a preview of medias from the Media Directories Where all of your content medias are Read More

Tasks Panel - Shows rendering and transcoding tasks currently running in Smode

Devices Panel - Visualize and manage audio/video input/outupts, clocks and controllers attached to Smode

Help Panel - Your humble servant, the Help panel


Viewport - Where you see what is happening in Smode. You can do without it but what would be the point?

Element Tree - The hierarchical view of documents in Smode

Parameters Editor - You don't have to search further, every parameters of a selected Element is there.

Pipeline Editor - Editor for the Pipeline Define how video content is processed in a project Read More

History Editor - History of edition commands relative to the current document

Media Table - The list of all media files on which the current document relies on

File Editor - Element file selector

Exposed Properties - An access to the exposed parameters of the current selection

Element Editors:

Timeline Editor - Timeline Timelines specificity is to play, cut and edit video layers easily, and to animate layers and their parameters Read More animation editor

Function Editor - The editor allowing you to manipulate every Function Function that maps a number (percentage, time, etc.) to a value Read More inside of Smode

Cuelist editor - Editor panel for Cue List Add cues one after another to encode your Show Read More

Parameter Bank - The list of every Parameters Bank State A state of a collection of Exposed Parameter Read More of the selected Parameter Bank Group a bunch of Exposed Parameter together Read More

Fixture Bank Editor - DMX/ArtNet Fixtures editor

Shader Editor - You want to code some Shader inside of Smode? Here it is.

Script editor - Editor panel for Python Script Write Python scripts inside Smode Read More

Reference Editor - The element tree of a referenced content document

Calibrator Editor - Editor panel for XR Calibrator A specific tool for XR calibration Read More

Advanced Workspace Components:

GPU Memory Meter - Displays how much graphics memory is available and used

Issues Panel - Summary the differents problems and issues encounter during your works

FrameRate panel - Look at the framerate

Engine panel - Full view of the Engine

Preset Editor - Organise your preset Libraries

Workspace Leaf Toolbar:

Component Selector - Change the current workspace component displayed

Pipeline element tree filter - Filter the current workspace component by a specific pipeline element

Timeline selector - Display a specific timeline in editor

instanciate - Search an element

Stage rendering options - options for the Stage rendering

2D-3D view - Switch 2D/3D view

Viewport Camera Selector - Selector of the Camera for the Viewport

Workspace menu - Split, add tab or pop out here


Preferences - Smode preferences panel