Sanity Check for XR setup

Sanity Check for XR setup

Hardware setup for XR project

If you are not on stage, with the full set-up install, you can skip this part and go directly to XR - Create the Screens LED walls and Internal Processors Read More
Remeber that you'll have to go back on it later.

Verify Ghost screens

A GPU might be wrong about the connected screens and still detect some.
make sure you get something like this:
If ever not we advise you to do a clean install of the NVIDIA Drivers.
Make a clean install of it:

Finally, check if every screens are connected to the same GPU.

Verify SLI is set to OFF

Smode does not support SLI it should be Disabled

Manage EDID

Set EDIDs on every output screens.
an EDID with a fixed refresh rate is recommended


Genlock your output. Select them, Synchronize Display > On the System, Apply.
You should have this topology:
Every icons of screen should be blue on this NVIDIA control Panel. Check if your GPU are well Genlocked. For more information about Genlocking, please read this document:Quadro-Sync-II-User-Guide.pdfYou can be sure that your system is genlocked by checking the first led on the GPU hardware:
1 of the four Leds should be Green, depending the GPU on which your are GenLocked.
Everything is good? Time for a XR-Latency Calibration Automatically evaluate the amount of frame delay between sending a picture to the stage and receiving it back through the camera. Read More

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