Video Input Device

Video Input Device

Device - Video Input Devices are used to capture video streams in Smode

Video Input Devices can be used to capture video content from hardware capture cards, webcams, or inter-process texture exchange.
To configure a Video Input Device, go to the Preferences Smode Preferences panel Read More panel [F11], in the Engine Preferences General preferences of SMODE's rendering engine. Add your Device here: MIDI controller, OSC, Video and Audio devices etc. Read More tab, select the Video Inputs section.
Add a new Video Input Device by clicking the Add button (1) and choose among the connected devices in the list (2).
Click Apply changes (3) to access the configuration settings.
Please refer to the Catalog section at the bottom of this page to explore all types of possible Inputs.
On Windows, you can use the DirectShow driver or specialized drivers when available to achieve high-latency frame capture.
In order to use the video signal from your device in a Compo Composite 2D Layer, Shape layer and 3D Layer together. [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] to create a new composition after opening Smode Read More or Processor This section describes how to configure Smode processors in order to configure your output(s) and also make some nice and smooth stage pre-visualisations Read More , use a Video Input Extract the image from a Video Input Device Read More .

Frame Resyncer

If you experience frame drops on your video input, you can try using the frame resyncer. After enabling it, reduce the offset to the minimum to be 1 frame ahead.
The frame resyncer uses the clock source. Therefore, you can try different clock sources to see if one produces better results.

Drop Counters

  • Frame drop counter: indicates that a frame is lost before capture. This value comes from the frame number of the capture card.
  • Upload drop counter: indicates that a frame has been captured but could not be transferred to the GPU. This can happen when the queue is full or there is not enough VRAM (Video Random Access Memory).
  • Display drop counter: indicates that the frame number on display is not incremented 1 by 1. In some cases, such as displaying at 50 fps and capturing at 25 fps, it may show one drop every two frames.

Parameters to all Video Input Devices

  • Size (Pixel Size) : Resolution of the current video input device picture in pixels (Read Only)
  • Frame Count And Rate (Count And Rate) : Frame count and rate of the video input device (Read Only)


Direct Show - Use Direct Show Video as Input

DeltaCast - Use Native Delta Cast Video as Input

BlackMagic - Use Native BlackMagic Video as Input

NDI Input - Capture a NDI stream

Spout Input - Receive a video stream from Spout (check : Configure Spout How to configure Spout Input and Spout Output Read More )

ASPhoenix - Use Native ASPhoenix Video as Input

OptiTrack - Use infrared video stream

Vision RGB - Use DataPath input

Syphon - Capture a video stream through Syphon

Multi Video Input Synchronizer - When you have metadata, sync all video inputs based on the frame number (mainly for XR)

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