NDI Input

NDI Input

Video Input Device - Grab NDI stream

Allow to grab video stream from the NewTek NDI (Network Device Interface) broadcast standard. The stream can directly came from your network adapter without additional hardware.
Go check the Device External peripheral exchanging data with Smode Read More part of the documentation to see how to configure the devices. Note that you can download and install the NewTek NDI SDK from here https://www.newtek.com/ndi/sdk/ This will allow to run the "NDI Test Patterns" application to check if this signal can be grabbed.


  • Color Format (Enumeration) : Color format conversion of the signal received by the ndi input. It can be: fastest, bgrxBgra, uyvyBgra, rgbxRgban, uyvyRgba.
  • Band Width (Enumeration) : Band width of the ndi input. This is a quality level used to configure the video stream emitter
  • frameDrop

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