Position in Shape

Position in Shape

2D TextureMask - Define how the modifier is applied

Only with Shape layer Bezier shape and drawing Read More !
Similar to the Texture Coordinate Uses object's UV to mask vertices. Either vertical, horizontal, radial, angular or combinations of thoses Read More but in 2D, this mask applies the modification according to the geometry of the shape.
Consider a shape as a path. At the beginning of the path, the masked modifier will have a different value than at the end of the path.
There is different way to follow a shape like a path:
  • Along Edge
  • Along Edge global
  • Distance to Edge
  • X Axis
  • Y Axis
  • Shape index

Note that this mask will treat differently multiple shapes inside a Group of shapes A group of shapes Read More according to their Merger Specify how to merge shapes Read More

Along Edge/global:
The modifier will follow the shape from its first point its last one.

Distance to edge
The path is defined from the center of the shape to its edges

X axis
Follow the shape through X

Y axis
Follow the shape through Y

Shape index
Useful in the case you have multiple shapes insides a Group of shapes A group of shapes Read More . The modifiers will be applied depending the position of the shape inside the element tree.


  • Mode (Position in Shape Mode) : Define the position in shape
  • Offset (Unbounded Percentage) : Offset the position in shape
  • Loop (Position in Shape Loop Options) : Does it loop or not ?
  • Fixed Distance (Pixels (Optional)) : The mask reachs its max value depending a custom pixel value

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