A tailored configuration of the interface

Project workspace

In Smode, you can freely customize the interface to create your own workspace. By default, there are already several workspaces available on the top right adapted to different tasks.
You can pin a tab by clicking the pin icon to keep it displayed regardless of other actions or selections you make.
You can also split them, pop out windows, add new tabs or remove them by using the Workspace menu Split, add tab or pop out here Read More .
Any changes you make to your workspace are saved in the project file. That way, Smode opens projects in the current workspace.

Customizing workspaces

Use the Component Selector Change the current component panel in a tab Read More to change the current Workspace components All UI components Read More .
You can choose an option from four categories of Workspace components All UI components Read More :
  • Application
  • Document
  • Element
  • Advanced

Save or reset workspaces

Once you have customized your workspace, you can save it by clicking on 'Export Workspace'.
Set a location to save the workspace file and give it a name.
You can also open a Workspace that you had previously created and saved by importing it.

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